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Want to feel free around food and be at peace with your body?



I help women eat freely and live a full, nourished life.

Do you find it overwhelming and exhausting living as a woman in this fast paced, image focused world? We are bombarded by messages telling us we have to look, live, and eat a certain way in order to have a happy, successful life. I’m passionate about saying no to these expectations and saying yes to living a life that is messy, imperfect, and full of beautiful moments . As a Dietitian, I teach women to appreciate their own unique beauty, to see their worth apart from the scales and to eat satisfying foods. Join me and learn to eat freely and lively fully.


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Hey there, I’m Grace

 A Dietitian with a passion for helping women eat freely and live fully. I believe we each have a unique beauty that needs to be nurtured, seen and felt. This isn't about our size or shape. It's about our soul, our self worth, our identity. Looking after ourselves starts here.


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